"What's this new web site about? How can it help me?"

Our new R2D (Rep-To-Dealer) site offers you the convenience of writing orders for several of our accessory product lines at the same time and place. The site is intended to provide you with some of the efficiencies of ordering products through a distributor (one point of contact, for example)--but at vendor direct costs and margins. By placing orders through the site, you won't need to spend time searching for order forms and price lists or wonder if those forms are up-to-date. Current product information is all waiting for you 24/7 on our online "store."

In addition to offering the convenience of placing online orders, the web site can serve as your electronic file cabinet for vendor collateral materials. We maintain a library of current catalogs, price lists, order forms and other vendor collateral materials on the site that is available to you to download from on demand.

"How do I get set up?"

You can create an account by entering your information into the appropriate fields on the Home Page. We need to approve the account before you can use the login credentials to gain full access to the site. That step helps make sure only our customers are set up with access to the site. We try to approve accounts same-day.

"How do I place place orders?"

Once your account has been confirmed, you will have complete access to all content on the web site. You can shop for products by either using the vendor-specific links on the left-hand side of the web pages or you can use the Search window located near the top right-hand corner of the page. If you want to order a product, simply enter the quantity that you want into the "Qty" box and check the "Add" box. When yore done selecting items on a specific vendor page you, click the "Add To Shopping Cart" button at the bottom of the page. When you're done with your entire order, simply proceed to Checkout as you would with other e-commerce web sites you've used.

You can build order(s) in one of two ways: You can enter orders that includes products from multiple vendors. The software will separate your aggregate order by vendor and submit POs directly to the Customer Service department at each company. You will receive a confirmation for each submission for your records. You can also submit separate orders for each vendor (for example, if you need to assign a different PO number to each vendor's order) by checking out when you're done with each specific order. You'll still enjoy the ease of placing multiple orders from one online platform.

"Do I still get my discounts and terms?"

Yes. Although the website and the subsequent order confirmation from it uses standard wholesale pricing, your discount and terms will be applied by the appropriate vendor(s) when they receive the order from our site.

"What are the order minimums?"

Each vendor's existing order minimums are still in effect for orders placed on our R2D site. While the web site does not yet automatically compare your order total by vendor to their minimum order requirements or order incentive levels, we have posted that information throughout the Checkout process to serve as a reminder.

"I don't see products from all your vendors that you represent in the store. What's up?"

This has been a big project! We decided that the best way to get started was to offer online ordering for those product lines that have the largest customer base and that are ordered at once with the greatest frequency.The lines that met these criteria are the lower-cost, quickest turning accessory lines. We also added a couple more premium lines with a limited number of skus that made it easier for us to include them.

Note that the products included on our R2D are visible to anyone who logs in. Your ability to see and place an order for products from a particular vendor does not mean that you necessarily have an account with that vendor. If you do not (or you're not sure), please contact your KG&A representative to discuss the possibility getting set up.

"Are there any special inventives for using your web site to place online orders?"

Yes! Be sure to check out the Feature Products and the Current Promotions that we'll call out on the Home Page!